About Me

I'm a girl who loves to bake and create!  Over the last year I have enjoyed baking cupcakes more and more.  All of my cupcakes are made from scratch and my frosting is, too.  (once in a while I need to use canned frosting because it works better for a couple of my techniques)  Bakerella is one of my favorite sites to go for inspiration and her recipes are some of my favorites! I have recently been asked to bring cupcakes to some of my cousins birthday parties and they have been a hit so I've decided to start selling them as a way to raise the necessary funds for a school trip we are taking with our class next year.   Thank you for visiting my site!  If you have any questions or are interested in ordering some cupcakes please contact me at coveredwithsprinkles@gmail.com.

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  1. mia~
    i LOVE your new blog!!!
    i'm a future customer FOR SURE!!!
    traci :)